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Having acquired a static flat website as part of a business acquisition, Andy & his team approached TM Creative with an exciting challenge to rebrand and commercialise Screwsline, a company selling wood screws in a niche market, with the objective to build a unique forward thinking brand and bespoke, dynamic mobile & SEO friendly e-commerce website.

The brand was in desperate need of a rethink as it was tired & dated, so firstly we worked with the client, tackling the logo and colour scheme.

The existing website wasn’t mobile friendly (non-responsive) and didn't have any formal content management systems. The client did like the simplicity, organisation and structure of the old website, as it was easy to navigate and user-friendly regarding viewing a wide range of product sizes in one location with relative ease, which was a feature that the client was keen to maintain. 

We all quickly realised that standard ‘off-the-shelf’ ecommerce solution was defiantly not appropriate to this client as these packages are restrictive when it comes to organising screws, nuts bolts and washers, especially when the clients product range is made up of a mixture of imperial and metric size considerations (websites don’t like fractions!)

We therefore went back to the drawing board and worked closely with the client, designing a bespoke user-friendly, customer focused solution, retaining and enhancing the logic and simplicity found in the original website and at the same time bettering the customer journey.

A bespoke category, product and stock system was developed, allowing for multiple stock types of the same product as the client specialises in new and vintage stock. We also developed a unique navigation & menu system allowing easy, quick navigation through the multi-level categories, making the user experience intuitive throughout.

On the administration side, a bespoke online back office was developed to suit the clients business needs, managing, inventory, stock and integrated accounts. We also developed a unique intuitive system to manage different ways in which the end user (customers) purchase screws (online and offline), including multiple payment streams (phone, account, ecommerce, PayPal, overseas sales etc.)

At TM Creative, SEO and accounts package integration are two of our strong points having worked with SEO consultancies and various accounts packages such as Sage, Xero & Quickfiles etc. The Screwsline site was designed to give the client ultimate control over ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO), which was is another unique feature of this bespoke e-commerce site.

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