Secure Online Management

The administration areas we build use bcrypt passwords meaning they are tough to crack. Using bcrypt is the currently accepted best practice for hashing passwords... better than MD5 and SHA1.

We can provide and install 2048 bit SHA-256 Globalsign SSL/TLS security certificates to secure pages with sensitive data. This will provide pages under the https protocol - the padlock at the top - to reassure customers their data is being transmitted securely.

We can also add password strength meters - ensuring certain strength passwords are used.

If that's not enough then we can install Google 2 step verification. This requires an app to be downloaded to either an Android or Apple mobile device allowing the user to scan a QR code at their first log in attempt. A code is then required from the app each time the user logs in.

To read more about Google authenticator:

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Posted by: Tom Moreton

Date: 15 June 2017

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